Advantages of the Virtual OTDR Test Environment.

The VanGuard Data OTDR Emulator uses advanced mathematical modeling techniques to draw realistic traces when connected to a user defined Virtual Fiber. Because the application calculates the trace its not restricted by the nature of light or limitations faced by hardware devices.

Not Limited By Physics :

Imaging being able to:

  • Instantly adjust the pulse width, acquisition time or IOR on a trace AFTER the trace was taken to see how it might improve the result.
  • Completely remove the noise from a trace just to see a theroticaly perfect representation of the fiber.
  • Take a perfect trace on a 300Km fiber with a 5nS Pulse Width so you can explain / understand the effects of dead zones and grouped events.
  • Take a 3 Minute trace in 1 second to learn from incorrect settings 180 times faster.
  • Being able to take multiple traces with different parameters simultaneously to compare the results in real time.
  • Pause and resume a trace mid-test.
  • See event icons on events no matter how much noise was present.

Because the VanGuard Data OTDR Emulator calculates the trace data through mathematical modeling instead of displaying static, pre-recorded traces all of these features are completely possible, even trivial for the user to achieve.