Free Optic Fiber Network and OTDR Training with OTDR Emulation software.

Free on-line optical fiber network training and our OTDR simulation software which provides the ultimate practical experience for Advanced OTDR and optic fiber training delivered to your desktop. Become an Optical Fiber Networking and OTDR Expert with the VanGuard Data OTDR Simulation software and training package. World's first OTDR Simulator that produces accurate and dynamic traces in software on a user defined Virtual Optic Fiber for real life experience in the class room.

Use the OTDR Emulator on-line or download and install to use on your Windows PC or Mac.

Click to try our new On-Line OTDR trace viewer.

Click for free On-Line OTDR

  • Free access to on line OTDR trainer and trace viewer:
  • Free To use, no sign up
  • Innovative new way to learn OTDR functionality online
  • Import real OTDR traces on line application - no downloads needed
    • Belcore (.sor) GR-196 file support
    • Belcore (.sor) SR-4731 file support
  • Generate PDF Trace Quality Report - visit again soon
  • Direct Access to Advanced Training Presentations

Click to download the OTDR Emulator.

Download OTDR Emulator for off-line desktop use

  • Fully Featured OTDR Emulator Application
  • Lifetime access to five high quality optical networking training series:
    • VGD101a: Fundamentals of Optic Fiber Network
    • VGD101b: Advanced Fiber Optic Theory/li>
    • VGD201: OTDR Operation for High Quality Traces
    • VGD301: Advanced OTDR Trace Analysis
    • VGD402: Advanced OTDR Testing Concepts
  • Free To Trial - Just $149.95 per full license
  • Test Virtual Fibers in Real Time with user selected parameters
  • Import and re-test real traces with different parameters
  • Built in Student Assessment Facility
  • Import and Export Virtual Traces to Belcore GR-196
  • Import and Export Virtual Traces to Belcore SR-4731
  • Avaliable Off-Line
  • Generate PDF Trace Quality Report
  • Maximize to Screen Size
  • Direct Access to Advanced Training Presentations
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