VGD201: OTDR Operation for High Quality Traces

A Practical and hands on OTDR Training lesson including detailed explanations with real world examples of OTDR parameter selection such as Pulse Width, Wavelength, Acquisition Time and IOR required to produce high quality OTDR Traces. Practical assessment and demonstrations tasks provided using the VanGuard Data OTDR Emulation software

  • OTDR Emulator used in this training.
  • What is an OTDR?
  • OTDR Functional Block Diagram
  • Returned / Measured Optical Power
    • Backscatter
    • Reflection From Connectors
    • Reflection From the Start Connector
    • Reflection From the End Event
  • OTDR Parameters
    • Pulse Width
    • Wave Length
    • Trace Acquisition Time
    • Index Of Refraction (IOR)